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Temperature and Humidity

These two are very important for human or animal health. When these are high or low, mental and physical health is affected.

Low humidity 20% and less can cause skin to crack and reduce enthusiasm.
High temperature can increase anger and impulsive decisions.

Natural ways to improve humidity is to restore lakes and ponds and plant big trees. This also brings down the temperature and produces a positive Atmosphere.

Extreme low temperatures and very high humidity are also problems.

The textile looms will get stuck if the water atomizer does not work. Electronic Goods work well when cooled by fans or heatsinks.

The human being is also a complex machine with exotic capabilities. The head exposed long to the afternoon sun can cause sinusitis.

So wear a cap when you go out on a very hot afternoon. If the head gets heated up one can lose his cool.

So let us improve the environment, plant a tree and care for it.

Written by me for my “Infinite Quest” website 2001

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