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Once upon a Time … In the Ancient land of Indonia which rests between the Highest point of Europe and the Lowest Point of Europe. North of the Caucasian Mountain Range.

Indonia was a Peaceful nation with a Benevolent King Moomaadu who treated all his subjects fairly. He brought prosperity to the small nation and introduced a Bronze Coin with the image of Baboora the God of Food and Shelter.

One unfortunate day a well known Conman Demondiaq and his Sidekick Maramitoga grabbed the Throne by bribing, threatening and blackmailing all the ministers and administrators.

Dreadful and Diabolical Demondiaq was the name of this Tyrant who seized the power from Moomaadu the Compassionate, Civilized and Generous King of the Great Nation of Indonia.

He nominated his Sidekick Maramitoga as chief of State Terrorism, Extortion and Abductions. He was the Chief of the Terrorists and had the additional charge of Ethnic Cleansing.

Demondiaq wanted everybody to worship him as a God. He called himself Sochahemo the God of Grabbing Wealth and Land. In fear and dread he came to be known as “Sochahemo Demondiaq”.

Sochahemo Demondiaq


Currency Ban Racket
Swapping of Bronze and Tin Coins

Short Story of How a Dictator looted his own Nation with the help of his merchant friends and patronized communities loyal to him.

These Merchant partners and close communities became rich overnight by grabbing the wealth and properties of others in a well planned money racket.

I am the Greatest
Propaganda by Terror

Demondiaq wanted to be famous all round the world. He did not want the people of his country and the world leaders to know about his horrific past. How he had massacred thousands to clear the path to his Throne.

In order to make himself popular and rebuild a tarnished image; he ordered small Idols of himself installed in every home in Indonia. The posters and idols of all other gods and good kings were thrown to the streets. Even the Schools and Colleges were ordered to erect large Statues of Demondiaq. Every student had a wear a mask which resembling Demondiaq and sing a Fake Patriotic Song to Mesmerize the masses to believe he was God Incarnate.

King Kong of Indonia

He also gave big chests of gold coins and gems to Artists and Drama Troupes to make Plays and Dances that portrayed his as a superhero and god. All the other leaders, workers and patriots were nincompoops and buffoons.  Then they created Absurd Patriotic Plays and Hypnotic Songs to brainwash the tender brains of innocent children and teenagers.

Fund Raising Racket
State controlled Extortion

Whenever Demondiaq wanted funds for his own lavish adventures or to park more money in far off nations as a contingency plan …. or even to splurge on a grand carnival, restricted to his near and dear ones… he Extorted money from the Traders and Merchants who were not friendly with him.

Every trader, dignitary or merchant had to make three quick bows before him and touch his feet. After giving a big bag of gold and gems he becomes part of the Inner Circle who will never be harassed.

Those that held their chest high or refused to touch his feet; had to hand over half of their gains to him. When anyone resist to comply, they were pursued by the Endebi tribes till they paid up or fled the nation.

He parked most of his ill gotten gains with his own tribe the mondas, who were a close knit community of organized swindlers who posed as reputed gold and diamond merchants. These merchants then moved the gold and gems to small nations where they had deep networks.

to be contd…

Tales from Indonia

The Temple of Baboora

The God of Food and Shelter was Baboora. The dreadful tyrant Demondiaq and his Sidekick Maramitoga used his tribesmen the mondas to demolish the Sacred Temple using large Catapults. The people who came in the way were crushed to death under Elephants.

After the demolishing of the Temple, there was much celebration. Later he Built a Large Vault where he stored some of his ill-gotten gains. Then in the name of helping the people he gave big loans to the traders, merchants and other people.

When there was a Large Loan default from the big merchants in his Inner circle, it was written off and fresh loans given to them. He also ordered all Moneylenders to help his merchants with easy loans which were never repaid. Many a lender left the country to lands ruled by Impartial and Fair Kings.

When small trader or citizen failed to repay his loan, due to  genuine reasons, he was put to trial. A mock trial and a quick punishment to the defaulter . That was the way it was in Indonia, total control. Most of the judges, police and commanders were planted by him from his Inner Circle. If an officer refused to cooperate, his head would be clean shaven and he had to live by begging on the streets.

The loan defaulters would be hanged upside down on a long poles near the vault. Many merchants and weak people lost their lives on this pole either due to starvation, sun stroke or the sharp arrows of the mondas, who used them for target practice.

to be continued slowly ….